Current projects

1. Tereora College Redevelopment Project

Redevelopment of Tereora College responds to the demands for modern, innovative and flexible learning environments that supports student-centred learning. Substantial and costly remodelling and refitting would be required to make the existing buildings suitable for modern learning. The redevelopment provides the opportunity to address the issues created by the terraced positioning of buildings that create functional and accessibility barriers particularly for those with disabilities.

Buildings will be designed and furnished to allow flexible use of all spaces, and encourage student-centered learning—environments that are comfortable for open student learning but can be also formally structured for assessments. Free flow through spaces is a main feature, with soft and hard furnishing, and accessible resources.

The redeveloped school will cater for 750 students. The buildings are being designed to adapt to change at any time to suit the style of teaching. Stage 4 allows for further expansion should the school roll increase beyond Stage 3 capacity, or if the college extends its programme offerings.

New Zealand is providing $11.7 million to complete stage 1, which includes a Technology Centre and a Research/Academic Library/Student Services/Administration Centre. Government is exploring funding opportunities for stages 2 (Academic Learning Centre) and stage 3 (Performing Arts Centre).

Stage 1 civil and construction work will commence in December 2016. The new buildings will be opened for the 2018 school year.

More details can be found in the project factsheet or facebook page.

Project updates are issued every second month and published in the News and Project Releases section of our website.

2. Apii Nikao Rebuild

The new Apii Nikao has been designed as modern learning environments similar to Tereora College. The learning spaces do not look like single classrooms but are larger open areas where teachers can work with students across different levels and subject areas. These “learning communities” have smaller break out areas that can be used for smaller groups or specific activities.  The school will cater for early childhood to Year 8 students.

The new school will accommodate 500 students and draw on the cultural heritage of the local area while providing quality, comfortable and flexible learning environments. Three (3) new buildings are proposed; ECE centre; Administration/Junior-Intermediate Primary; and Senior Primary Centre.

In October 2015 the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) confirmed their support for the construction of the new Apii Nikao.

In May 2017 the construction contract was awarded to China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC). In line with China-Aid policies all Aid projects are implemented by a company from PRC.

Construction work commenced towards the end of May following arrival of CCECC personnel. Work is well underway and expected to be completed early 2018.

More details can be found on the project facebook page.

Project updates are issued every second month and published in the News and Project Releases section of our website.