Tereora Redevelopment Governance Structures Formed

Tereora College Redevelopment Project Release, 16 February 2021

A step towards modernizing learning environments and practices in the Cook Islands was marked with the approval of a governance structure in November 2015. The structure identifies three groups responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of Stage 1 of the Tereora College Redevelopment Plan;

1. Governance Group (GG) Comprises the Infrastructure Committee and representatives of the development partner, New Zealand. The GG provides high level activity oversight and strategic direction to the PSG.
2. Project Steering Group (PSG) Comprises senior representation from relevant line ministries and agencies, and the development partner, New Zealand. The PSG provides the PMU with critical analysis and operational guidance.
3. Project Management Unit (PMU) Comprises CIIC’s Special Project Unit, which is resourced by specialist Project Managers, Architects, Designers and Technical Assistance from New Zealand. The PMU is charged with delivering the project within approved timelines and budget.

The redevelopment plan was approved for Cabinet consideration by the PSG in January 2016. It charts developments proposed for Tereora College for the next 10 – 15 years, and will be used to inform the College’s infrastructure needs for the next 50 years.

The plan outlines the entire redevelopment of the National College, with the New Zealand-funded Stage 1 buildings as first priority. Stage 1 will house an academic research library, technology center, student support services, administration services and staff. Preliminary designs are expected to be complete by March this year. Detailed drawings will commence thereafter, followed by the tendering of the construction contract in June. Demolition works will begin in December, causing minimal disruption to regular operations within the College. Stage 1 buildings are set to be commissioned before the start of the 2018 academic year.

In early February, Cabinet agreed that the plan be presented to stakeholders and the general public. Those meetings began last week. PMU representatives met with teachers of the College, landowners, and other relevant stakeholders to inform them of the proposed redevelopment plans for the College.

The community will have an opportunity to hear more about the redevelopment plan at a public presentation set for Monday 22nd February 2016, Room 2 – Tereora College, at 5pm.

For enquiries contact:
Cook Islands Investment Corporation
Email:      tc.redevelopment@cookislands.gov.ck
Phone: (+682) 29391