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The vision that CIIC aspires to contribute to is:

Ta’anga’anga e te akono tau tikai i te au apinga puapinga a te katoatoa no te akameitaki’anga i te ora’anga o te iti tangata Kuki Airani.

 “Effective and efficient public assets that improve the wellbeing of Cook Islands people.”

By efficient and effective we mean well managed and operated consistent with modern commercial practices and good governance principles.

By public assets we mean land, properties, infrastructure and utilities that are owned by the Crown, for the benefit of the Cook Islands people. They include:

  • Crown and leased land, Government houses and buildings,
  • the Ports and Airports of Rarotonga and Aitutaki,
  • Te Aponga Uira Power Authority and Aitutaki Power Supply,
  • the Bank of the Cook Islands,
  • investments in reticulated Water and Sanitation,
  • Avaroa Cables,
  • Punanga Nui Market; and
  • Seabed mineral assets.

By improving the wellbeing of Cook Islands people we mean adding value to the lives of Cook Islands people and meeting Government’s social policy objectives.

The CIIC has a vast scope of responsibilities with technical ownership of all crown assets and contributing to national development across a number of areas.

The 2020 National Vision is:

“Te oraanga tu rangatira kia tau ki te anoano o te iti tangata, e kia tau ki ta tatou peu Maori e te aotini taporoporoia o te basileia.”

“To enjoy the highest quality of life consistent with the aspirations of our people, and in harmony with our culture and environment.”

The National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) is developed from the 2020 National Vision. The NSDP sets out 16 dimensions of the country’s development and provides an outline to measure state progress, with the NSDP goals used as an organizing tool in defining what is important to Cook Islanders.