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Tereora College Redevelopment Plan

In 2015 the Cook Islands Government adopted the 3-stage Tereora College Redevelopment Plan, to be implemented over a 10-15 year period.  Stage 1 was completed in 2018 under a partnership arrangement with the New Zealand Government. Stages 2 and 3 is yet to be implemented.

Staging plan

Redevelopment has been staged to allow the College to continue operations with minimal disruptions, and to allow Government to spread its capital expenditure budget over a longer period.

Stage 1, was funded by the New Zealand Government and completed in early 2018. Two purpose-built buildings were constructed to replace 5 buildings. The new Technologies building is a two-storey masonry structure with a floor area of approximately 1500m2. It contains a fully equipped workshop, computer labs, a commercial kitchen, and canteen facilities. The Student Research Centre & Administration building is of similar size and construction, and contains a large library space, study and training rooms, a 100-person lecture/seminar room, and facilities for health, counselling, staff and administration.

Stage 2 is the largest of the 3 stages and will form the Academic Learning Centre. Two two-storey buildings are envisaged, comprising of 27 learning spaces. The faculties to be accommodated in the new buildings include language and culture, mathematics and statistics, social sciences, tourism & commerce, the sciences, health & physical education, and horticulture. The stage 2 buildings will be situated in the lower quad area in order to reduce current travel times between classrooms and to eliminate accessibility issues when moving between the lower and upper blocks. The land area is restricted hence the need to build upwards. The learning spaces, with the exception of the science laboratories, are modular in design and will serve as an evacuation centre in the event of a cyclone.

Stage 3 will accommodate the Arts faculty. The plan proposes a complete refurbishment of the schools multi-purpose hall to cater for performing and visual arts.


The redevelopment goal is to provide “Infrastructure that supports the outcomes of the Education Master Plan, the aspirations of Tereora College, the community and the Cook Islands as a whole”. Redevelopment will: 

  • Meet changing learning and teaching demands.
  • Accommodate 750 students, 50 teachers and 10
    support staff.
  • Reflect cultural heritage.
  • Provide quality, comfortable and flexible learning
  • Adapt to climate change through improved structural performance, by adopting energy efficient measures, and incorporating onsite water and solar energy harvesting systems to service the College.

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